Squad & Staff

Here is the Full squad list for 2016 season. At the time of posting this article, English language player profiles have yet to be published on the F.Marinos official website.


1 – Tetsuya Enomoto (1983/5/2) – Formerly Yokohama of F-Marinos primary level and youth teams.  Top team goalkeeper from 2013~2015. Early in 2015, after looking a little shakey he was mysteriously dropped in favour of former #1 goalkeeper #21 Hiroki Iikura.

21 – Hiroki Iikura (1986/6/1) – Formerly Rosso Kumamoto. Ikura dropped out of the top team in 2013 and was soon after hospitalized with a heart condition (acutepericarditis) and for two seasons he made appearances from the bench. At the end of the 2014 season there were rumors that Iikura would pursue a place at another club (Nagoya Grampus), but thankfully nought came of that. Instead in 2015 he was brought back as regular goalkeeper ahead of Tetsuya Enomoto and played an important part in renewal of the team since 2015. a.k.a. Hiroki

30 – Junto Taguchi (1996/9/28) – Formerly Yokohama F-Marinos Youth Team.

31 – Takuya Takahashi – Formerly with Yokohama YSSC.


2 – Jeongsu Park – Korea U-23 international defender from Kyung Hee University.

4 – Yuzo Kurihara (1983/9/18) – Previously Yokohama F.Marinos Youth Team. Formerly played at National level. Kurihara was out for most of the 2015. It was rumoured that he had the same condition as Shunsuke and required an operation to remove a floating bone in his ankle. The Kurihara meter is counting down to his 300th league performance which hopefully will be in 2016.

5 – Fabio (1989/02/28) Formerly of Jacuipense (Brazil) then on loan to Sagamihara. Originally brought in as a cover for centre back, Fabio occasionally moves up from defence to midfield to fill a gap when all our defensive midfielders are injured. As the midfield players returned from injury he returned as a regular replacement for Yuzo Kurihara. He played better and better as the 2015 season progressed providing crucial goals in various matches. a.k.a. Fabi or Fábio Aguiar da Silva (for short).

13 – Yuzo Kobayashi (1985/11/15) Formerly of Kashiwa Reysol. Sometimes Strawberry or Platinum blonde defender who doubles as DJ. A solid regular top team member since joining from Kashiwa Reysol in 2011. A solid regular player. a.k.a. Panzo.

15 – Ikki Arai

22 – Yuji Nakazawa (1978/2/25) – Former Tokyo Verdy 1969 Player and former Japan National player. Played every minute of every league match in 2014 and 2015. Reached his 500 match in late 2015.  a.k.a Bomber.

23 – Takumi Shimohira (1988/10/06) Formerly of Gamba Osaka and Omiya Ardija. Joined the team in January 2014 and taking over from Brazilian Defender Dutra who celebrated his 40th birthday with club and was getting on a bit. a.k.a Takumi

24 – Takashi Kanai – Former Marinos Youth player returned in 2016 after playing for Sagan Tosu and JEF United.

40 – Ryo Takano  (1994/11/13) – A  Former Marinos Youth player, later Nippon Sport Science University student joined the team as Specially Designated Player in 2016.


6 – Yuta Mikado (1986/12/26) Formerly of Albirex Niigata. New in 2014 from Albirex Niigata. Totally off the radar in his initial season but became a popular regular in 2015.
a.k.a. Mika

7 – Shingo Hyodo (1985/7/29) – Former Waseda University Player. A team regular member since 2008. Hyodo played from the bench since 2015 often replacing Shunsuke in last quarter of the match. a.k.a Hyo.

8 – Kosuke Nakamachi (1985/09/01) Formerly of Avispa Fukuoka. Popular Midfield player who had a few injuries in 2105  leading to the Volante shortage in the summer. After returning from injury returned to his top team place. Probably the teams dirtiest player. a.k.a. Machi.

10 – Shunsuke Nakamura (1978/6/24) – Formerly of Celtic (Scotland). Formerly a Yokohama Marinos player 1997-2002 played in Europe at Reggina, Celtic, Espanyol. Returned to Yokohama in 2010. God.

11 – Manabu Saito (1990/04/04) Formerly Yokohama F-Marinos Youth Team later loaned to Ehime FC. Former Marinos Academy player, Manabu was rumored to be going joining Wolfsburg in early 2014 but instead had an operation for an injury and rejoined the team. Once again as the 2014 season closed there were rumours that he would move to Germany but has again renewed his contract ever since. Sometime Japan National Team squad member was selected again in 2016.

18 – Keita Endo (1997/11/22) – Formerly Yokohama F-Marinos Youth Team member joined the top team in 2016 at the tender age of 18.

25 – Maeda Naoki (1994/11/17) – joined in 2016.

26 – Kensei Nakashima (1996/9/23) – Formerly Higashi Fukuoka High School.

28 – Takuya Kida (1994/08/23) Formerly Yokohama F-Marinos Youth Team. Japan National Team U23 member. a.k.a. Kiibo.

29 – Jun Amano (1991/7/19) Formerly Juntendo University. a.k.a Amajun.


9 – Kayke

16 – Sho Ito (1988/07/24) Formerly of Grenoble and Shmizu S-Pulse.

14 – Masashi Wada

17 – Kayman Togashi 

19 – Teruhito Nakagawa (1992/7/27) Formerly of Senshu University. Nakagawa joined the club on wheelchair in January 2015.

20 – Martinus

Retired Numbers


3 – Matsuda Naoki (1977/03/14-2011/08/04) Formerly of Yokohama F.Marinos Youth Academy and later Matsumoto Yamaga FC. Naoki passed away on August 4th 2011 after collapsing during a warm-up several days earlier with a suspected heart attack. A legend amongst fans due to his combative style and fighting spirit, he still holds the record for most appearances at the club and to this day his jersey is worn at every home and away game by many F.Marinos fans. For more information about Matsuda Naoki, I refer you on to Brendan’s blog post from August 2011.


Check out a Dan’s Uniform Collection here.

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