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One of the obstacles that many people face when coming to Japan on holiday, or even for some of the foreign residents living here, is the difficulty of buying tickets. With little or no Japanese language skills it can be a challenge to locate ticket offices, and even tougher selecting your preferred seat. People that have a Japanese friend to call on can, of course, navigate their way through the Convenience store ticket machines in just a few minutes, but for those that can’t understand all those complex Japanese Kanji and are afraid to ask for help, it’s nigh-on impossible.

Well it’s time to put those days behind us because we at Tricolore Pride have finally come up with a solution to put your minds at ease and enable you to buy tickets without having to speak a jot of Japanese! Here’s how…

Simply print out a copy of the PDF below and make your way to Marinos Town in the days before the game!

An access map to Tricolore One and Marinos Town.

That said, it’s important to note too that should you decide on a match-day to go to a home game that is taking place at Nissan Stadium, you can easily buy tickets on the day because Nissan stadium NEVER sells out!! The only drawback is that the ticket price is slightly higher and you may have to queue for a while..

Still unsure if you wanna go? Heres 7 reasons why we recommend experiencing the action first-hand…

★ Buying the cheapest Non-reserved home section tickets means you can sit ANYWHERE you want within the massive home section! No need to worry about seat numbers, you can choose where YOU want to watch the game! This is especially useful for people that wish to go as family as both the lower and upper tiers are always open so you needn’t worry about the kids feeling too closed in!


★ Children under the age of 6 (or not yet in elementary school) get in for absolutely FREE!


★ Though there is a plethora of eateries inside and outside the stadium, it’s totally O.K to bring your own food into the stadium. Ideal for those on a budget!


★ YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL IN YOUR SEAT!! Hell, they even have nice ladies with Beer barrels strapped to their backs walking around to aid with refills!!


★ Forgot to buy your lunch at the convenience store or kebab van before entering the stadium? Fear not! Re-entry is fully permitted!


★ At every home game there is a huge array of events taking place outside the stadium ranging from live music, evil mascot Warunos and his Queens, soccer activities with some of the club’s coaching staff, and even a bouncy castle for the kids!

IMG_2259 (1)

★ And last but not least, the atmosphere. Being part of a crowd of over 20,000 people singing and chanting together is a spectacular experience in itself. The Japanese by nature are very friendly and approachable folk so there’s no elitism, just people who share the same love for their team. In fact, we CHALLENGE you to go to a game and not make new friends – we bet you can’t!!


If all that wasn’t enough, check out our Day at the Game article to see what a match day at the Nissan looks like from the perspective of an F.Marinos fan!

So, we’ll be seeing you all at the stadium then, right? Of course we will!

2 Responses to Buying Tickets

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m sure there will be a lot of people who will be quite grateful this guys. Pre game drinks would also help encourage to get these people out!

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