A Day at the Game…

Watching football in Japan can be a fantastic experience. Clubs invest substantially in the ‘match day experience’ of their fans, and F.Marinos are no different. There’s plenty to see and do at the stadium in the hours before kick off. In this picture diary, you’ll get a taste of what a day at the football looks like for F.Marinos fans.

These photos were taken over three home games vs Ventforet Kofu in April 2013, Kashima Antlers in May 2013 with 1 or 2 taken at the game vs Vissel Kobe in April 2012:


Arriving at Yokohama station is always a welcome experience, and this will generally be the first time you come across other fans heading to the stadium.


After arriving at Yokohama station you’ll make your way to the closest subway station and head for Shin-Yokohama station, where you’re within comfortable walking distance to the stadium.

IMG_2250Leaving Shin-Yokohama you’ll notice these useful stank covers, which point you in the direction of the stadium. A useful marker if you haven’t been to the stadium before!


Within 10 minutes you’ll begin to see the stadium…

IMG_2255First things first, get your tickets sorted. For this match I paid ¥2600 (£15 or $25USD), a thoroughly reasonable price I believe but they can go cheaper if you’re prepared. Be sure to check out our Buying Tickets page for information on where and when to get your tickets.


Bouncy castles, food stalls, beer vendors, merchandise stores, live music… you name it they have it.


Takoyaki! Make sure you try out some of the food stalls outside the stadium, where you can pick up everything from a kebab, to pizza to your typical Japanese snacks. Prices are slightly higher than usual but are still reasonably priced. 

IMG_2259 (1)

Not bad…


Prepare for a queue if you’re looking for a good seat! Fans can queue outside the Nissan stadium from the early hours on match days. Have a look at our newly updated Stadium Info page for on seating arrangements within the stadium and how you can get the best seat in the house.


Once inside the stadium, you’ll often hear fans groups rehearsing their chants and preparing for the game ahead. Take the time to listen to these chants as you’ll need them during the game!


The walk out in to the stands at the Nissan stadium is always a great moment.


Banners and flags are on display all round the stadium and create a colourful and vibrant atmosphere. Fans take a lot of time to put them together and often chip in on the cost of them so be sure to have a look!


Fans in the Nissan often make their way in to the stadium early to secure a seat, only to leave their possessions on their seat and then make their way back out to the concourse to take part in the singing or get some food.


Club mascot Marinosuke is the chief cheerleader!


Be sure to get to your seat for the players beginning their warm-up. As they enter the pitch they’ll throw signed balls in to the crowd for fans to catch. Fans will then work their way through the team sheet singing each players name and song individually.

Pre-match displays are quite common and organised by the Ultra groups.


Throughout the game, fans will chant from beginning to end. Prepare to get involved and back the team, win, lose or draw!

IMG_2286At the end of the game, most fans make their way back to shin-Yokohama station. Above is the view form the concourse inside the stadium and, again, always a nice sight. 

Thanks for reading! Vamos!

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