It is that time of the year …

It is that time of year in every football fans life that they hope to be in. Essentially it is one of two positions. The first being that they can just sit back and enjoy a game and not have to worry about the results because the league is already in their bag. The second and clearly the more beneficial for the impartial football public, the game’s suits and their pockets and also the likes of GlaxoSmithKline, is the coronary inducing end of season run.

Those involved in the running of this site and fans of the Yokohama F. Marinos all over the little circle of football love we call the globe, are both upset and relieved that the International break has fallen upon us. It keeps us at top spot for a little more time and gives some players and management both time to recover and reflect upon a string of results from the previous weekend. Further to that the fans have a chance to get the heart rates back down to a respectable level before the away game at J2 new boys Jubilo Iwata on November 23rd, which in itself throws up a whole lot more problems from the way this guy sees it. They can get out their calculators and work out what results and permutations will keep Marinos at the top should we wind lose or draw.

No one would argue that the 2-1 loss to Nagoya Grampus at home was a disheartening performance. It was a real opportunity to put ourselves in the driving seat, and if you could have known other results before the game kicked off, you could have said that it was a must win game; dropped points meant losing the #1 league ranking. As it was, banana skin football reared its fugly head and several other teams both north and south of here enjoyed its ride. I had turned the tv off several times watching Urawa play at Sendai. First when Urawa went 2-1 up and also when with minutes to play in injury time they held their 3-2 lead. So yeah, I had turned the TV back on in wishful thinking. Fancy my surprise when I flicked on the PC later to check the table and what it had meant when I saw us still top. The invisible hand extended north from Yokohama switched from the extended single digit as it passed over Saitama and reformed into the 4 finger and thumb Jamaican salute to touch our new friends in League football in Tohoku. Vegalta had just saved us a few blushes.

Although Twaffic (twitter traffic, not sure if it’s a phrase that has been coined already, and if not it is ours and all proceeds will go towards strikers) after the game was a little negative everyone can breathe a sigh of belief (intended mistake). We are still at the top of the league

However, we still know that it that time of the year when …

1) Calculators and abacus are used for working out where and what happens when this and that happens.
2) Family dinners are met with frequent interruptions as father checks Twitter for updates.
3) Whistles blown or not blown are met with curses of rage.
4) You keep an eye on your team’s results as much as other team’s.
5) You become increasingly more critical of that pass, his option taking and that sub.
6) Analysis of team behaviour goes into checking out last season’s run of form, results, who ate what when and just a little touch of twabuse (you can work it out, can’t ya?) towards other teams.
7) Wife gets pissy with you for not reading a book to the kids before bed because you are updating the website.

It is all part of the ride isn’t it.

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