2 Points gone begging

Yokohama F.Marinos entered Saturdays  match in Yamanashi knowing that maximum points would be needed to sustain their place on top of J1. Urawa Reds and Sanfrecce Hiroshima have both seemed to have rebounded from their recent dip in form, both winning in earlier matches. This would of course be a bit more of motivation one would have thought for F.Marinos to come out of the gates flying versus Kofu. As we found out today this wasn’t quite what happened.

Kofu came right out the gates pressing our Boys back and gained a FK which Enomoto was able to push over the bar. Brazilian Patric was causing all types of trouble during the first half, but F.Marinos Enomoto was able to keep things level with some great saves. Yokohama offered very little going forward as Dutra’s usual overlapping passes were far from hitting their targets. At halftime we had yet to hit the target.

Coming out for the second half one would’ve expected F.Marinos to have regrouped and tried some new attacking options, this however did not happen. One knock I’ve had about Higuchi this season is to realize the importance of making substitutions sooner. Dutra was making lots of mistakes and had also picked up a caution. The speedy Narawa would’ve added a nice bit speed down the flank. Yokohama were to get their first real chance on goal in the 59 th minute when Hyodo’s cross met Dutra who sent a shot flying into the alps of Nagano. A change was desperately needed and on came Yoshihito Fujita, the guy who had been hopeless last week.. anyways Fujita came on and was quickly into the action missing quite a glorious opportunity that was provided by one of the few bright lights of the night, Manabu Saito. Kofu were now on the back foot and Yokohama started to play a little after spending the first hour trying to break down the great wall of Kofu. Shingo Hyodo has in my eyes been out of form for quite some time now and was to perhaps miss his best chance of scoring in recent matches. After Marquinhos had been stopped close range the ball fell neatly to Hyodo, but once again the ball was on a first class ticket to row Z. The best chance of the game however fell to our Brazilian hero Marquinhos. Manabu Saito provided Fujita with a through ball which Fujita squared beautifully for Marquinhos, unfortunately our heartthrob could only guide the ball directly at Kofu’s Ogi in goal. Disappointment was all over Higuchi’s face at FT. Shunsuke however being the glass half full type remarked that “it’ll be fun” chasing down Hiroshima as things are tight.  2000+ Supporters had made the trip to Yamanashi, what a great turn out!

Not all sad faces though gang! We can make this cock up right next round as we take on first place Hiroshima on October 19th. Also there’s 2 Cup matches on the horizon first is the J.League Cup. Let’s hope we can over turn this deficit versus Kashiwa as we hunt silverware.

Here’s our highlights of the match.

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4 Responses to 2 Points gone begging

  1. rat0307 says:

    Remember ’00 1st stage and ’03 2nd stage! No problem! Our team have Amazing Power!

  2. tgoneronin says:

    I couldn’t believe Fujita missed his chance. Even Oguro Masashi coulda ave finished that one off…
    It took us an hour to wear them down, we should have had 2 or 3 by the end… Sigh.
    I’ve been so filthy about it that I’ve had to avoid all social media for the last day lest I rant uncontrollably…
    Well, they’re all ‘must wins’ from here.

  3. Brendan says:

    @Rat0307 Of course I remember that time! It was a wonderful experience! However Dutra and Marqui were both 10 years younger so it’s not gonna be easy!

    @Tony Sadly< They've been "Must Wins" for a couple of weeks now. We really can't rely on the opposition's mistakes now. If we can't do it on our own merit, we don't deserve the title. Simple as that.

  4. rat0307 says:

    10yers…Long long ago ,in Yokohama far,far,away…
    We are in need of our Luke.
    Manabu? Hyodo? Higa? Narawa? Fabio? or somebody?
    I believe in the appearance of new hero! Of course, the success of veteran too(^^)

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