Maeda? Who’s that?

Hello again folks! If you’re reading this then you’re no doubt already aware of that fact that we are sitting atop of the league table for the 3rd week in a row after beating Jubilo Iwata 2-1 at home on Saturday! Unfortunately, neither of us could make it to the game as Blake was occupied with his part-time modelling gig whilst I was arm-wrestling for coins at the local elderly home. HOWEVER, those of you who took our excellent advice and followed our good pal and Tricolore-brother-in-arms, Tony Dee, via twitter will have had an exciting up to the minute match report on Saturday!

According to his tweets, Jubilo played well and gave us more than enough scares in the first half with Nakazawa stepping up with goal line clearances on more than one occasion. Though it took us a while, we got there in the end thanks to a thundering shot at goal through a sea of Jubilo defenders from Kurihara in the 45th minute to take the lead. A mere 2 minutes later and the opposition equalized whilst our players were still male-bonding with each other on the sideline (probably). That’s the second time in as many games at the Nissan that we’ve conceded immediately after taking the lead. Maybe we should pay attention a little closer before this becomes a habit…

A second half strike from Hyodo in the 60th minute after rather messily latching onto a cross into the area, managed to make the second touch more decisive as he hammered the ball into the back of the net to give us the lead. From what we understand is was a pretty tense final third but our boys got the job done in the end. And what about the now infamous Maeda curse? Well, he didn’t get to score against us today either so that pretty much guarantees we’ll have J1 football again next season right?

3 wins in a row, 9 points on the table, and a whopping 11 goals on the scoresheet! Whatever Higuchi is doing he’s obviously doing it right as I can’t remember the last time we has such a strong start to the season.

Sorry but no photo’s again this week because we’re rubbish and no YouTube clip either because we couldn’t find one that works (again, probably because we’re rubbish).

Next up, Unkotale on Wednesday for Nabisco frolics! VAMOS!

F.Marinos Starting XI: Enomoto, Kobayashi, Kurihara, Nakazawa, Dutra, Nakamachi, Tomisawa, Nakamura, Hyodo, Hanato, and Marquinhos.

F.Marinos Substitions: Dutra → Saito (77), Tomisawa → Kumagai (84), Nakamura → Fujita (94)

F.Marinos goals: Kurihara (45), Hyodo (60)

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