Omiya Ardija 1-1 Yokohama F.Marinos (Nabisco Cup)

Unfortunately, due to myself being preoccupied with a personal engagement involving a house in the mountains, lot’s of alcohol, many people of varying sanity, and NO CELLPHONE signal, I was completely unable to follow this game. Blake also had a nightmare of a time finding a half-decent stream of the game too so, to cut a long story short, we aren’t really in a position to do the regular match report thing this time round.

From what I’ve read in the sports press however, the F.Marinos were somewhat outplayed throughout both halves and the equalizer from Saito was not only remarkably flukey, but also a tad undeserved considering the grand flow of things. Of course, I might be being overly harsh on our boys but having missed the game, I guess I’ll never know.
At times like this it’s probably best to let the highlight reel do the talking…

F.Marinos Starting XI: Iikura, Kobayashi, Kurihara, Nakazawa, Higa, Taniguchi, Hyodo, Nakamura, Kano, Saito, and Oguro.

F.Marinos Substitions: Oguro → Ono (46), Kano → Matsumoto Rei (46), Matsumoto Rei → Tomisawa (81)

Goals: Carlinhos (15), Saito (84)

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