News Digest!

Well, it’s been a while since we actually reported anything and I figured that there was probably enough news by this point to merit clumping it all together in one hit so that you can all see what’s been going down at Marinos Town this month so, without further ado…

Pre-Season Friendlies:

So far the first team has played a total of 5 pre-season friendlies this month. The first was against Miyazaki Sangyo Keiei University on Feb 7th, at the Miyazaki training camp. The game was a total of three 30 minute periods which saw the F.Marinos win with an overall scoreline of 5-1 (2-0/1-1/2-0). The scorers were Oguro and Hyodo in the first period, Hyodo again in the second period, followed by a goal each from Ono and Saito Manabu.

The next training game was played 3 days later at the same venue against J2’s Tokushima Vortis. This time, the game was a little longer in length with a fourth 30 minute period being introduced but despite the extended playing time afforded to the squad, nobody could break the deadlock and the game ended at 0-0.

Next up was another J2 team, Avispa Fukuoka. This game was the next day (Feb 11th) at exactly the same venue and was the first training match to be played in the traditional format of two 45 minute halves. Despite a scoreless first half, the F.marinos conceded the only goal of the contest in the 81st minute to end it at 1-0 to Avispa.

The fourth training match, which was to be the final game played during the first team’s training camp in Miyazaki, was against our dear friends, Matsumoto Yamaga. This game was spread out over three 45 minute periods and despite a first period scoreline of 1-1, courtesy of a goal from Saito Manabu, the F.Marinos conceded again in the second period to eventually end the game at 2-1 to Yamaga.

The 5th and final training match was played just 2 days ago at Marinos Town against Y.S.C.C. This was a four period game each lasting 30 minutes which saw the F.Marinos emerge with a comfortable 5-1 victory. The goals came from Oguro in the 2nd period, Taniguchi and Matsumoto Rei in the 3rd period, and Kano and Kanai in the final period.

Player News:

Not a huge amount of player news thus far this month, (which is probably a good thing) but what surely came as a setback was the news of Shohei Ogura suffering from what appears to have been a collapsed lung. Though his recovery depends largely on how his body adapts to his course of treatment, doctors have tentatively stated that a full recovery could be within 3-4 weeks. Hang in there Shohei!
In other news, young F.Marinos Midfielder, Kota Mizunuma, has been released on a one-year loan to newly promoted Sagan Tosu. He is expected to remain with the club until Jan 31st 2013. Concerning his new one year loan Kota stated that he “was really moved by everybody’s support during his performances in last years Emperors Cup (with Tochigi S.C) and is looking forward to once again being able to play in J1 for a year.” Good luck Kota! Just don’t score any past us mate!!

National team call-ups have also taken place this month with both Manabu Saito and Yusuke Higa being called up to the U-23 national side ahead of the final Olympic qualifier game vs Malaysia on the 22nd of this month. Here’s hoping they both get some action! Also, Yuzo Kurihara will once again appear in the Samurai Blue, as he was selected by Zaccharoni for Japan’s Kirin Cup game against Iceland on the 24th. Hopefully Yuzo can make a good impression and even bag a goal with one of his rocket shots from outside the box!

Finally, it may be worth mentioning that former F.Marinos legend, Yasuhiro Hato, who officially retired from the game at the end of last season, has just been appointed to role of “Yokohama F.Marinos Ambassador”. After 17 years of football, Yasuhiro will be dedicating his time to promoting the team and spreading the good word of football to all those weirdo’s that think baseball is better. Or something like that. Either way, we wish him all the very best!

…And that’s about it! We’re hoping to finish updating the pages as well as a possible design change over the coming week so until then, VAMOS!!

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