Sayonara Mr. Tomohide!

It is with a very sad heart that we at Tricolore Pride had to bid farewell to our good friend and fellow Tricolore brother, Mr. Tomohide last weekend.

As many of you know, Mr. Tomohide is the guy responsible for providing us with so many wonderful photographs throughout the course of last season’s campaign and I’m sure you’ll agree that the news of his decision to move back to his native island of Tsushima off the coast of Nagasaki is very sad news for all the F.Marinos fans around the world that enjoyed seeing his photography each week.
Despite his return home being a permanent one, his passion and love of the club knows no bounds as he has actually renewed his season ticket for this year even though he’ll realistically only be able to make it to a handful of games!! Talk about dedication to the cause!!

As such, we won’t be able to provide as many photographic segments this year but hope to deliver what we can whenever we can.

In leaving, lets celebrate our time in the stands with Mr.Tomohide by watching this great video montage of last season which he made using his own work!


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