New kit and players unveiled!

I’ve just got back from Marinos Town after checking out the new strips for this season! After several years of Nike made jerseys the club has once again come back to it’s roots in uniform terms and is now in the hands of our much beloved kit supplier, Adidas.

So, what do the new strips look like? take a look for yourselves!

The new first team squad roster has now been updated to mirror our new squad additions:

1 – Enomoto
2 – Amano
4 – Kurihara
6 – Ogura
7 – Hyodo
8 – Nakamachi (MF from Avispa)
9 – Oguro
10 – Ono
11 – Saito (FW back from loan at Ehime FC)
13 – Kobayashi
14 – Kano
16 – Higa (DF from Ryutsu Economics University)
17 – Matsumoto Rei
18 – Marquinhos (FW from Athletico Mineiro but previously Vegalta)
19 – Moriya
21 – Iikura
22 – Nakazawa
23 – Matsumoto Sho
24 – Kanai
25 – Nakamura
26 – Aoyama
27 – Tomisawa (DF from Verdy)
28 – Kumagai (MF from F.Marinos Youth)
29 – Taniguchi
30 – Rokutan (GK from Avispa)
31 – Suzuki (GK from F.Marinos Youth)

So there you have it! New Kit, new players, new coach, and all new sponsors! Here’s hoping we can turn our fortunes around this year then!

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