Spluttering and wheezing across the finish line…

Deary deary me… It’s been both an eventful and uneventful couple of months with myself and Blake being under the hammer with work to the point where neither of us have managed to make to any games coupled with what seems to be a gradual slowdown of momentum on the pitch where our beloved boys in Tricolore are concerned.

Of course, it’s nigh-on impossible for either of us to speculate the reasons as to why the gradual drop of form has come about as we’ve just been doing the same as everyone else with each passing week; checking the scores in the evening. In fact, we’ve got just as many questions as the next guy. Questions like “Why is Ono warming the bench so much?” and “Why is Taniguchi now starting up front almost every game?” Naturally, there is probably some very good reasons behind all of these of ponderings but whatever they are, they’re not immediately obvious to those of us that are stuck at work.

After such a promising start to the season I think we all truly believed that a top 3 finish and ACL qualification were in the bag but after the sudden loss of Naoki, followed by an untimely injury to the heart of our midfield, Shunsuke, we soon found ourselves dropping points in games that we both were dominating or creating the higher number of chances in.

Today’s game against Kashima Antlers is the final game of the season, and due to a sudden stroke of luck, I will actually be able to attend the game after 2 long months of missing seeing our boys in action. As such, I will hopefully be able to shed more light on whats been happening on the pitch after seeing the team play first hand again.

Whatever happens today though, let’s just hope we can finish with a win! Come on boys!!


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1 Response to Spluttering and wheezing across the finish line…

  1. DANIEL says:

    When you step back and look at all of the elements of how the season went from great to shit you can’t really blame things on one major downfall. I think the untimely passing of legend Naoki Matsuda was perhaps what triggered the collapse in confidence for majority of the players. Looking at their faces yesterday you could tell how much the team and fans meant to them. They looked totally gutted. Against what I had been saying I would like to see Kimura back, I think his lineup mashing has to stop or atleast have some form of method. Benching a player like Ono who infuses energy and vision is no way to collect vital points.

    We will see you hopefully in the early season, can’t wait to get back to the Nissan or wherever the boys will be playing.


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