Vissel Kobe 2-0 Yokohama F.Marinos

Hey folks, apologies for the lack of updates this week; we’ve been pretty hectic in the real world with our day jobs this week…
As you all already know, we lost our second game in a row against an in-form Vissel side last weekend which not only put paid to our top spot but also pushed us down into 4th place. Unfortunately, neither of us to get to the game nor see the game on TV so a match report for this game was never gonna be easy but the very least we can do is provide a belated highlight reel and let you guys decide for yourselves as to how well we played…

The good news, however, is that the ACL teams have FINALLY finished playing their games in-hand and the table is now looking far more balanced. It also means that a win tomorrow can potentially put us back into pole postion so fingers crossed. Also, we will be at tomorrow’s game so you can be rest assured that normal service shall resume tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, VAMOS!

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