F.Marinos give Vissel Kobe a nice double spanking…

Hello! Remember us??
Yeah we’re not gonna pretend that we have been on the ball these past 7 days so we may as well admit our uselessness this week in bringing you all what you’ve become accustomed to. It’s been a very hectic week for us both so we shall just recap the week by mentioning that we beat Vissel Kobe 1-0 last Sunday courtesy of a nice turn on the spot volley from Hyodo, and we did the job against them on Wednesday in Kobe beating them 2-1 with 2 comeback goals from Kurihara and Taniguchi respectively. The win over Kobe on Sunday saw us maintain our 1st place spot in the table whilst Wednesday’s Nabisco cup win sees us go through to the next round where we shall face that rubbish team from Kawasaki that like to fall over a lot whenever the ref looks at them.

Heres the highlights of the Home game:

Plus a fan-shot clip of Kurihara’s goal in the Nabisco game:

Right then, I had better get down to the stadium now because we are about to take on our bogey-team, Omiya Ardija! VAMOS F.MARINOS!!!

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