Vegalta Sendai 1-1 Yokohama F. Marinos

The 28th of May would see the best football team this side of Ophiuchus, Yokohama F. Marinos, travel to the devastated Tohoku region to play Vegalta Sendai. Given that none of the Tricolorepride contributors were able to view the game due to important philanthropic responsibilities, the following game report may contain factual inaccuracies, embellishments or complete fabrications of what indeed took place.

The opponent, Vegalta Sendai, are a team that is still playing winning football and running high on a diet of emotional victories and crowd fervour. A victory for either team would be tough to come by, and so it proved for both teams in front of a fervent crowd of 15,000+ at Yuatech Stadium, Sendai.

Ogura had an early sighter from outside the box when the ball was not cleared well early in the encounter. He got good contact and a looping drive on target was cleaned up well by the Sendai goalkeeper.

On 20 minutes Marinos went 1 – 0 down courtesy of an Akamine header. A long cross went in from Ju Sung Park for Sendai. Sugai worked hard to get it back in front of the goal and a deflection saw it presented nicely for Akamine to head home. Marinos have shown a positive attitude when fighting back from behind recently, so the traveling supporters spirits were still high hoping a comeback and possibly a victory.

In added time, Watanabe (A Barcelona target and why not? – Most likely fictional) had a chance but a low drive found the keeper again who got his grubby mitts on it to deny Marinos drawing level before the break.

Before Marinos drew level Sendai had a great opportunity score. Only a piece of superb awareness from Iikura kept the ball out, after first Kakuda almost chipped him and then that cheeky blighter Akamine tried to snatch another after pouncing on the deflection. Fortunately Iikura, a demigod (inaccurate) parlayed the ball away from goal to keep Yokohama in the game.

Good thing that Iikura was working hard in the box too, because on 24 minutes Nakamura served up a perfectly lobbed ball from his right foot on attack from just inside the box. Taniguchi out-jumped the defenders by about 8 metres (embellishment) and headed home to make it 1-1.

Sendai probably had the best opportunity of the second half to win the game but could not make the most of it. The result was probably a fair indication of both the opportunities during the game and with Yokohama and Vegalta having 13 and 14 shots on goal respectively, it was a result that both teams would not be satisfied with, but glad to take a point from.

Also we would like to report that FIFA President Sepp Blatter may have been at the game with Superman and Osama Bin Laden. We can base this on the fact that he said he wasn’t there with those people, but we all know better than to believe what he says.

Here’s the game highlights…

Starting Lineups
Vegalta Sendai: Hayashi, Park, Sugai, Cho, Kamata, Sekiguchi, Tomita, Ryang, Kakuda, Akamine, and Ota.
Yokohama F.Marinos: Iikura, Hato, Nakazawa, Kurihara, Kobayashi, Taniguchi, Nakamura, Ogura, Hyodo, Watanabe, and Oguro.

F.Marinos Substitutions: Watanabe → Kunhoan (62), Oguro → Aria (76).

Goals: Akamine (20), Taniguchi (69)

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1 Response to Vegalta Sendai 1-1 Yokohama F. Marinos

  1. Brendan says:

    Thanks for the write-up Blake!

    With this result, we have now scored a whopping 17 goals already this year which I believe makes us the highest scoring team in J1 at the moment!
    What a refreshing change from we had become accustomed to over the previous years!

    I have to say, I am relieved we didn’t lose as I had a horrible feeling we might. I am definitely happy with a point.
    Our next league clash is against Kashiwa and that is one team that we absolutely MUST beat. They are getting rather big for their boots and it’s about time somebody took some points off ’em!!

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