Yokohama F.Marinos 4-0 Ventforet Kofu

After suffering our first defeat of the season away to Hiroshima last week, the F.Marinos were eager to restore their previous form on Saturday against the Blue and Crimson dogs of Yamanashi, Ventforet Kofu. Unfortunately for the hapless visitors, it only took 25 minutes for the home team to put the game out of reach…

Everyone says that football is a game of two halves but after watching the game on Saturday, I’d be inclined to disagree. This game was only 45 minutes long.

The floodgates were released in the 11th minute when upon earning a corner kick, Nakamura Shunsuke coolly stepped up and nailed the ball right onto the head of a perfectly positioned Taniguchi Hiroyuki who jumped up to bury the ball into the inside near post with one of those heading shots that he has threatened to score with so many times this season. This time he made no mistake and delivered the goods as the crowd erupted into cheer and rejoiced as we celebrated not only a fine goal but Taniguchi’s first of the season.

It only took a mere 6 minutes before Yokohama got a second, this time from Watanabe Kazuma who latching onto a pass that took him into the right flank of the penalty area, skillfully back-heeled the ball to take it past his mark before cutting back across the box to slam it home with a powerful left-footed drive that found its home in the back of the net. 2-0 to the F.Marinos.

By this point, Kofu were somewhat in array defensively with Brazilian defender Daniel Silva dos Santos constantly finding himself having the impossible task of closing down 2 strikers at once. This lack of defensive taciturn was exploited for a 3rd time in the 25th minute when Oguro Masashi finding himself unmarked, was fed a ball that came in from the wing and passed forward by Watanabe, leaving just himself facing the keeper. It didn’t take a second to decide what course of action to take and so, with a single touch of the ball, he effortlessly put the ball past the keeper to put Yokohama even further ahead, and realistically beyond reach of the visitors.

The Kofu defense began to straighten their back line out after making some tactical adjustments but it was to prove too little too late and after 15 minutes of heave ho, Oguro struck again in emphatic fashion as he ran into space on a sudden break and latched onto a beautiful cross in from Watanabe on the right wing to nod the ball home and well and truly put the game to rest before half-time.

….And that’s pretty much all that happened. There allegedly was a second-half apparently but by that point most of us weren’t really paying attention as we knew we had the game in the bag so it was just a 45 minute long party singing our lungs out and jumping up and down like nutcases (actually it was probably just me that stopped paying attention…)
Actually, the game was a great day out for another reason besides the 4-0 spanking and three points, and that reason can be seen in the picture here on the right. That’s right, we met up with signor Lewis Tosey, an F.Marinos supporter from London that came to his first game after a whopping 11 year drought, and West Ham Dan, another Londoner that has been here in Japan for 9 years and just emerged out of the woodwork in pursuit of a slightly higher level of play than what he’s had to put up with from his beloved Hammers 😉
….Oh and Piero of course, who is a pretty much a legend now and doesn’t really need any introductions!

So basically, one foreigner for every goal scored!

All in all, a great day (and a messy night) and one I shan’t forget anytime soon!
As usual, here’s the highlights reel for those that missed out!:

Starting Lineups
Yokohama F.Marinos: Ikura, Kobayashi, Kurihara, Nakazawa, Hato, Ogura, Nakamura, Hyodo, Taniguchi, Oguro, and Watanabe.
Ventforet Kofu: Ogi, Ichikawa, Daniel, Yamamoto, Yoshida, Ito, Hosaka, Uchida, Nagasato, Abe, and Havenaar.

F.Marinos Substitutions: Nakamura → Kano (59), Watanabe → Aria (65), Oguro → Kunhoan (84)

Goals: Taniguchi (11), Watanabe (17), Oguro (25), (40).

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5 Responses to Yokohama F.Marinos 4-0 Ventforet Kofu

  1. Blake says:

    So it seems that my non-presence at games has been good for the team. Not only do they not lose, but they also score plenty of goals. This weekend was especially crappy for me a I couldnt even join you for a beer afterwards.

    Good to see Oguro stepping up to the plate with Ono out as well. Important to keep all players on their toes. When players know if they dont make the most of opportunities infront of goal, that someone else will slam ’em in, can only be good for the team competitive spirit.

    Big game this weekend too. I am not into bursting the ‘spirit bubble’ of Vegalta fans, but I think they will be just as happy to have a position high on the table even after dropping this weeks game at home to YFM. Thanks for being so understanding.

  2. West Ham Dan says:

    Great game, great drinks after. Don’t remember much about the journey home ‘cept it took an unusually (fell asleep) time….zzzz. I’ll tell you about the gay Gap guy who helped me home !?!
    Hoping this is gonna turn my season’s highlights around after the Hammers drop 😦 Didn’t get mail addresses/no.s off Brendan and Louis. Hopefully we’ll sort it out next time 🙂
    Really thinking about going home and away in July. Lots of doable away fixtures. Got a car for +3 adults and camping equipment. Who’s up for an away jolly? Well up for it if a few of us could go to Jubilo? Camping=BBQ+Beers+Footy?
    Vamos Vamos (⌒▽⌒)/゜(⌒▽⌒)/゜(⌒▽⌒)/゜(⌒▽⌒)/゜(⌒▽⌒)/゜(⌒▽⌒)/゜

  3. Daniel says:

    Managed to watch the match, what a great rebound from last weekends debacle in Hiroshima. It seemed like Kimura was happy enough to take his foot off the pedal for the second half. Great result for us, exactly what was needed. Kazuma was fantastic as was Shunsuke. Staying up until 4 am was well worth it!


  4. West Ham Dan says:

    BTW Brendan + Piero = Class. Luv you dudes. Thanks for the highlights. Watanabe’s goal was well taken. Their defence and GK were ropey beyond W.Ham levels. And you KNOW that’s going some.
    Cheers guys.

  5. Brendan says:

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Yeah Blake, you missed out on a good day unfortunately. A clean sheet, loads of goals, loads more beers and, well, you get the picture! Fear not though me ol’ chum, as we’re still not through a third of the season yet so there’s still plenty of chances to have another shindig like this one!

    Actually, the next game against Sendai is all the more important due to the fact that Kashiwa or playing against Kobe so it’s the current top four all facing each other this weekend!

    Great to meet you mate! Thanks for a great day and evening! I’ll send my details to your e-mail address 😉
    Driving up to Jubilo sounds like fun! If I can get the green light from the “Boss”, you’ll be the first to know!!

    You stayed up till 4am? Excellent work bro’! yeah the second half was a bit of a non-event but 4 goals and 3 points is always good! Kazuma had a blinder scoring a goal and setting up two others! Legend!!

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