Sanfrecce Hiroshima 3-2 Yokohama F.Marinos

We came, we saw, we…lost.
Aah… The bitter taste of defeat. So THAT’S where you were hiding! We were beginning to forget what you taste like!

*Ahem* Enough of the bravado. We appear to have been dealt our first loss of the season in a game that we rarely seemed to be in control of.
Admittedly, due to the fact that neither Blake nor I were able to see the game on T.V, let alone travel away to Hiroshima for it, we find ourselves scratching our heads in wonder as to what went wrong as much as the rest of you. A look at the brief highlight reel below shows that our defence was exploited by Tadanari Lee on two occasions as he scored his first from a well taken half-volley that Iikura did well to read but was unlucky in seeing it dip over him and into the goal behind. His second was less luck and more skill as he made us look a bit rubbish by not only taking the ball past Hato and Kurihara, but also Nakazawa leaving only Kobayashi on the far side to come inside to stop the shot, which, of course, was impossible.
Nice goal. You cheeky git.

Whenever the word “Bogey team” is mentioned, the first team that springs to mind for us and pretty much every Marinos supporter is without doubt those indomitable Orange squirrels. You know, the only decent team in Saitama; Omiya Ardija. However, they’re not the only team we have trouble taking points off. The other is Sanfrecce (Who can forget that 4-0 spanking they gave us at home on the opening game of the season a year or two back…) and they once again lived up to their bogey status by sticking 2 past us in the first 30 mins. Ouch.

After seeing us come back from a two goal deficit last weekend, there was no doubt a large contingent of supporters that believed we could do it again and these hopes were further compounded when Nakazawa crisply nodded home a goal just before the half-time break when he got on the end of a Shunsuke Nakamura corner in the 43rd minute. A glimmer of hope courtesy of the two veterans as we headed into half-time…

The second-half kicked off in dubious style as a foul(?) on Ono Yuji in the 58th minute which lead to him needing to be taken off, was followed immediately after by a straight red and sending off for Hiroshima’s Ryota Moriwaki. What he did to merit receiving a straight-red is unfortunately a mystery to us due to the fact that we couldn’t see the game and these kind of shenanigans are almost certainly never aired on TV a second-time due to the J-League’s penchant for pretending that nobody plays dirty over here.

Either way, with Hiroshima being a man down so early in the second half, you’d think we would have pulled our socks up and given them what for, wouldn’t you? Not us. We’re far too cool for that. Seeing Hiroshima play with only 10 men made us feel sorry for them so we let them have another goal to cheer ’em up! We’re a nice bunch of lads like that…

We didn’t let them celebrate too long though as we scored our second of the game, this time from Shunsuke as he booted the ball at the keeper forcing the keeper to do nothing at all but catch the ball. This time though, Hiroshima felt sorry for us so the keeper was kind enough to catch the ball and “accidently” throw it behind him into the goal! Thanks Mr. Nishikawa! You could play for England with slick moves like that!

After that, I don’t know what happened as I was busy shoe shopping with my wife and pretending to look interested as she picked up various footwear and handbags that would never see the light of day once purchased.

I’ll end this on a semi-serious note by pointing out that despite the result, there are some positives to take from the game.
Firstly, we scored twice. This is good because so far we have scored at least once in every game we’ve played this season – a big deal really considering that a lack of goals has been one of the biggest problems we’ve had to put up with in recent years.
Secondly, though being 2 goals down for most of the game, we still fought and didn’t give up. Again this is another good indication that we have a team that is really beginning to believe in itself.
Thirdly, Yuji and Shunsuke both scored their first goals of the season! Well done boys!

Anyways, we’ll actually be at the next game so we should be back to literary excellence and able to provide a better match report for the Kofu game!
Until then, here’s the highlights:

Starting Lineups

Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Nishikawa, Moriwaki, Morisaki, Yokotake, Mikic, Nakajima, Morisaki, Yamagishi, Mujiri, Lee, and Sato.
Yokohama F.Marinos: Iikura, Kobayashi, Kurihara, Nakazawa, Hato, Taniguchi, Ogura, Nakamura, Hyodo, Ono, and Watanabe.

F.Marinos Substitutions: Kobayashi → Amano (37), Ono → Kunhoan (58), Hato → Aria (72)

Lee (17),(33), Nakazawa (43), Mujiri (67), Nakamura (69)

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8 Responses to Sanfrecce Hiroshima 3-2 Yokohama F.Marinos

  1. Tony says:

    That’s bad news about Yuji Ono being out for 2-3 weeks! I didn’t even notice

    The sending off for Hiroshima was definitely warranted, Kim was through and on for a 1 on 1 with their keeper and was dragged down from behind. Moriwaki gave away a couple of cynical fouls prior to that as well. Shunsuke copped a terrible challenge from behind early in the first half that wasn’t penalised either. Anyway, you can see Moriwaki drag down Kim in the following youtube clip, along with a nice illustration/discussion of how we’re setting up very compactly at the moment.

    Whilst I thought before the game we’d be lucky to grab a point down there, I’m hoping that it was a loss we had to have to keep us sharp and hungry…

  2. Brendan says:

    Thanks for the video Tony!

    What a great video clip! No need to apologize mate, we’re grateful for the find!

    Yes, a loss should really get us pumped for Kofu! Here’s hoping we totally stuff ’em!

  3. Daniel says:

    “I was busy shoe shopping with my wife and pretending to look interested as she picked up various footwear and handbags that would never see the light of day once purchased.” This seems like a common trend, hope your wife doesn’t read this blog 😛 Despite the result I’m encouraged that the boys didn’t lay over. Lots of games to play still.

  4. Brendan says:

    Haha! No worry of that happening Daniel, she doesn’t understand English!

    Yeah, it sometimes happens that my wife has the day off on a game day which usually means that I have to spend it with her shopping and doing whatever she likes. Can’t be helped really…

    And yes, pants news about Ono but we still have Kazuma and a hungry Oguro so we should be alright in the meantime! Vamos!!

  5. West Ham Dan says:

    Yeah Brendan I’m deffo @ the Kofu game. Gonna stay off the grog and save up some alcohol units to consume next weekend. Least thats the plan…..

    My 1st love, West Ham went down yesterday so I’m looking towards Marinos to give me some hope this season. Like D:Ream said: “Things can only get better”
    Just added Ono Yuji to Football Manager database
    ヘディング(((( _ _)☆ —>===>===>〇 ┏┓
    Great video from Tony.

  6. West Ham Dan says:

    This is probably old for you guys.
    Unfortunately Tulio sold Yuji the first dummy well. Then what was he doing? Needed some maracas. Very gay dance moves. Was he flirting with Yuji? What a tool-io ww

  7. Blake says:

    Cheers West Ham Dan for that video. He has gotta be getting moves like that of this guy.

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