Opening Games Announced!

It was announced this afternoon that Yokohama F.Marinos will be kicking off their 2011 campaign with an away trip to Toyota Stadium on March 5th (Sat) to face the newly crowned league champions, Nagoya Grampus. The F.Marinos will have to wait until the following week for their first home game on March 13th (Sun) at Nissan Stadium when they take on crosstown rivals, Kawasaki Frontale.

I bet Yamase wasn’t planning on returning to the Nissan quite so soon!

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11 Responses to Opening Games Announced!

  1. Brendan says:

    Holy crap that’s a tough start! We have a pretty poor record at Nagoya so I guess it’s time we sorted that out! Here’s hoping that Ono gets a couple and Tulio helps us out with one of his Own Goal specialties!
    We have nothing to fear from Kawasaki though! (Except a certain Mr. Yamase) so there’s no reason why we can’t stuff them home and away like we did last year!

  2. Blake says:

    Yeah, Nagoya is a tough away trip to start with. Nevertheless, someone has to have them so it may as well be us. A chance to hit them at home first up means all the pressure is on them to win, emulate the year before, and keep the fans hyped for the year to come. Marinos only have to deal with self and fan expectations. Whilst never wanting to be satisfied with anything less than a win, leaving with at least a point would be a good start to the season, because a lot of teams wont even be able to do that.

  3. MOIST says:

    I wonder what reception Yams will get? Hopefully a good one before the game and then an even better one as he wanders off to console himself over such a shocking defeat.

  4. Brendan says:

    Good point Blake. I would be happy with a point taken from there.
    I reckon ol’ Yamsey will get a solid round of applause when his name is announced over the speakers but will probably get booed every time he kicks the ball. Our ultras are a funny bunch like that…

  5. Daniel says:

    I am a little concerned that too much expectation has been placed on Ono’s shoulders. I hope Kazuma starts scoring again. A tie against Nagoya would be a god send.. though we did get that point last season, great game!

  6. Nick says:

    Not sure I’ve ever noticed an ex-player getting clapped at the Nissan, but I guess I’m not often there that long before kick off.

  7. Brendan says:

    With you on that Daniel. It’s a lot to ask of an 18 year old that’s yet to play a full season in the top flight. To Ono’s credit though, he seems to be a very dedicated and hard-working kid so it might motivate him even more rather than pressure him. Only time will tell I guess.
    With you on the Kazuma hopes too. He got benched a fair few times last season so let’s hope that doesn’t become a habit…

    @Nick, Yeah, it’s a rarity but has happened in the past before. Bearing in the mind the circumstances that lead to Koji’s exit he probably will get a clap or two.

  8. Blake says:

    And we have not even mentioned Basitianini. Still on the books, so is it looking like he will be back this year at the start of the season, or is his eye still causing problems?

    I would love to see Watanabe on fire again, because that first year out for him was a cracker. He looks to be a real confidence player so lets hope his arse is off the bench.

    • Brendan says:

      Aah yes. I forgot to tweet that actually. He and 3 other players officially renewed their contracts today. The other 3 players being Aria, Kano, and Enomoto.

  9. Daniel says:

    What’s the scoop on Bastianini did he look promising or a waste of time? I didn’t see him play at all. Seems like a risky decision to use for the foreign slot.

  10. Brendan says:

    Sorry for the delayed response Daniel, I got to see Bastianini play twice last year in the early Nabisco cup matches and I have to say that I was immediately impressed. After having a big bodied Brazilian play for us the previous(?) season (Lopes) I was a little worried about us signing another bulky South American striker but unlike Lopes, Bastianini is much faster on the ball. He’s got a great eye for passing too!
    Actually, talking about eyes, that’s what caused his absence for most of last season. Apparently he suffered an eye injury so bad that it literally meshed his cornea to his retina! He’s since had key-hole surgery on it when he returned to Argentina and aside from the occasional tunnel vision he’s pretty much back to how he was.
    Here’s hoping he can net us a few goals this season!

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