New Strip and Players Unveiled!

This afternoon marked the unveiling ceremony of the new strips for the 2011 campaign along with the new additions to the squad.

I was very fortunate to blag a ticket to the event and was able to see the new strips up close.
I must say, after the radical design change for last years strip that left me feeling undecided as to whether I liked it or not (I grew to love it in the end btw), this year the club has opted for a more simplistic design and, In my opinion, it looks fantastic! I would probably even go so far as to say it’s nicest looking home kit we’ve had since 2003.

The club decided that it wanted to signify a “New start” and felt that a change in the away strip colour would best signify this sentiment. If you had told me that it would be illuminous yellow before the unveiling, I would have been dead against the idea but after seeing it, I have to say that it makes a refreshing change from the usual white that we have always used. The new away strip was worn by Yuzo Kurihara and it looked pretty striking to say the least!
The new goalkeeper strip is all black with very dark blue horizontal stripes. The away version is the same pattern but with yellow and olive stripes.

The Procession itself was opened by the club chairman as he outlined our plans and goals for the new year including the outline for a new strategy he referred to as “Map13” (Marinos Amazing growth & Play by 2013) The new initiative lays out the foundation for the club to achieve a “Mega-club” status (within Japan) by 2013.
Next up was a power point presentation from Club general affairs chairman, Kamei Shimojo. In his presentation he produced a lot of graphs depicting how our on-field statistics shaped over the 2010 season. He showed all the data from total shots on goal, free kicks, goals from free-kicks, to how many games we won after going ahead first etc. He also pointed out that we were the only team in J1 that didn’t have a single player sent off during 2010 and as a result we won the J-League award for fair play.

Coach Kazushi Kimura also addressed everybody with a speech…. Or should I say, a sentence. He strutted out and said “Well, simply put, this year we will win the title” before walking off the stage. Though this roused a few laughs and some applauds from some of the spectators, this comment personally didn’t sit well with me and I get the impression that the ultra fan groups were somewhat irritated by his aloofness too. Aah well… Let’s save those thoughts for another post shall we?

The event finished off with the unveiling of the new strips and then the introduction of the new signings where each player introduced themselves before commenting on the upcoming season. We will actually translate the entire speeches and comments made by the new players and staff over the next couple of days so be sure to check back to get the full story. Those of you that can’t wait, check out the official site for the full report as well as the free downloadable video at the foot of the page!

Update: The new uniforms are now available for pre-order both online and at Nissan Stadium shop/ Marinos Town. Visit the official site here for better quality images as well as the full team list of player names and their new numbers!

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6 Responses to New Strip and Players Unveiled!

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Brendan, really nice to see the new site up and running. I had the chance to see my first Marinos game this past season and fell in love. I am really liking the new kit, but am a little upset with the past jersey being phased out after only one season. Your thoughts?

  2. Brendan says:

    Hi Daniel! Thanks for the kind words and also for leaving us a comment!

    Thrilled to hear that you are a fellow F.Marinos fan! Let’s hook up in the new season!
    In answer to your question, yes, I agree with your sentiments.
    It’s a unfortunate fact of life with supporting a J-League team that the strip will inevitably change each season. We usually are no exception but it’s worth noting that I have seen us stick with the same strip for 2 years in a row twice during my time as a supporter (2004/2005 & 2008/2009 season respectively).
    The good(?) news is that since we changed from Adidas to Nike, the cost of the shirts are a little more affordable now but it still burns the wallet having to fork out each year. I guess the good side of it is that if you don’t like a strip you only have to put up with for a year! I have come to just accept that being a supporter is gonna cost me 50,000 yen a year (30,000 for the season ticket and 20,000 for the shirt) which is why I like to shell out for both as early I can to get to the expenditures out of the way as soon as possible!
    And, yes, the new kit is fantastic ain’t it?? I just pre-ordered mine today actually!

  3. MOIST says:

    50,000 a year? I used to spend that on booze. Each game. Lightweight.

    I actually had a dream last night I was at a Marinos game and had forgotten to smuggle beer in. The whole dream was just me freaking out about beer prices.

  4. Brendan says:

    I meant Yen, not Lira John!

    Yeah… 500 yen for half a cup of froth is insane money when you think about it…

  5. Daniel says:

    Pre drink boys!

    Unfortunately myself and the missus are in Canada for the next year, I’ll be tuning in by necessary means. 2012 will be my season ticket holder debut for the Marinos. Hope to meet up with you lot and share a few drinks and laughs (hopefully not at our expense!). Do you travel on away matches? This is something I we will be interested in. P.S. we’ve ordered our jerseys via rakuten..

    • Brendan says:

      Excellent post Daniel!
      In fact, you said at least three things there which immediately sound like music to my ears! Season Ticket, Booze, away games!

      It’s great to hear that you not only intend to come back but also buy a season ticket! Thats awesome! Also, mad props to you for purchasing and importing the new strip, that’s some dedication right there!
      Of course, we would be delighted to hook up over a few drinks and games! Don’t worry, we don’t bite so there’s no worry of us making fun of you mate!
      Away matches are something I like to do but am limited to only a handful each season (The wife has the final say concerning all of my away jaunts!) and I know Blake is always keen for a train ride and a few kegs of beer!
      btw, Are you Twitter? be sure to follow us at @TricolorePride and we’ll follow you back! Our Twitter feed would be invaluable to somebody like you that is stranded far away from the action because we tweet live updates for each game! (Don’t forget to visit the main site too though of course 😉 )

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