Episode Seventeen – The spat between Yokohama F. Marinos and Avispa Fukuoka


In this episode Daniel and Stuart get to know each other over a call regarding the previous days away match where Yokohama F. Marinos lost 1-0 to Avispa Fukuoka. They talk about the match, goals via headers and the now infamous bizarre incident involving Anderson Lopes which may lead to a six match ban for him and shape the middle part of the season for YFM.

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Episode Sixteen – The noisy streets of Shonan – Shonan 1-4 YFM


Pratik, after his first away match, and Stuart make a second attempt at recording their post match thoughts. Recorded while walking along the main road on the way back to the station after the away match between Yokohama F. Marinos and Shonan Bellmare.

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Episode Fifteen – The last minute goal fairy strikes again. YFM 2 – 1 Nagoya Grampus


Stuart and Pratik discuss Yokohama F. Marinos home match against Nagoya Grampus on the walk from Nissan Stadium. Stuart gives away to much information as to why he missed the goal which is then followed by seven minute discussion of the VAR confusion as experienced by those in the stadium. 

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Episode Fourteen – Kashima Away 0-3


Almost forgot about this one. Here Sean and Stuart walk out of Kashima Stadium and talk about the incredible victory over Kashima. It was almost a joke that we always go all that way to see Marinos lose as they hadn’t won away there for 10 years. 3 goals in the last minutes made it an incredible match to witness.

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Episode Thirteen – Where I am joined by Thomas from the FC Tokyo Kai-Guys on the match with FC Tokyo


So as usual we find ourselves walking back to the station from the Nissan Stadium after the Yokohama F. Marinos match. Marinos won 2-1 and this time I was joined by Thomas of the FC Tokyo Kai-Guys and his daughter. We talk about the match and the club’s spectacular 30th Anniversary celebrations tonight.

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Episode Twelve – Scoreless Water Polo match vs Sagan Tosu


With frozen soaked feet Stuart gives an account of the spectacle that occurred at Mitsuzawa an unforgettable event not for the football, because we saw little of that, but for driving cold rain soaking we got at Mitsuzawa Stadium watching a scoreless draw versus Sagan Tosu. 

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Episode Eleven – Stuart calls Pratik after the Sapporo away match.


What a shocker! Marinos equalize in the last minute of this away match againstSapporo so Stuart calls Pratik to discuss it.

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Episode Ten – Thoughts on Shimizu Match


Stuart and fellow Noge Wanderer Pratik discuss the Shimizu S-Pulse match and Yokohama F. Marinos current form at half time and while walking on the way back from stadium.

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Episode Nine – Review of February 2022


In this Episode Jamie, Tony and Stuart cover the matches that Yokohama F. Marinos played in February 2020 including: 

vs Cerezo Osaka

vs Kawasaki Frontale

vs Kashiwa Reysol 

vs Vissel Kobe


Also mentioned are the new Kurihama Club announcement, Joel’s selection for the U21 National team and Anderson Lopes’ shorts.

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Episode Eight – Thoughts after the Kobe Match.


Noge Wanderer Pratik, AGDB Kane, Kenji and Stuart discuss the post match feelings after Yokohama F. Marinos … was it 2-0? victory over Vissel Kobe while walking out of the stadium.

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